Tiger fishing in Georgetown

We offer one week tiger fishing to Georgetown.

  • Day one, we will pick you up from the airport to your hotel.
  • Day two, after breakfast we will depart of Georgetown and arrive in the afternoon, have our lunch in the camp that we will be staying (Call Baobolong camp). In the evening at 5pm we will start our first fishing in the river Gambia.
  • Day 3, we will start as early as 5am to have breakfast and depart at 5:30am for fishing. We will come back at 12pm to the camp. In the afternoon we will go for fishing by 4:30pm and back at 7pm.
  • Day 4, after breakfast we will depart at 5:30am and back at 12pm and in the afternoon we go by 4:30pm and back at 7pm.
  • Day 5, we will have breakfast at 5am and depart at 5:30am for fishing and be back at 12pm. In the evening this time we will go by 9pm and come back by 3am in the morning.
  • Day 6,
  • We will depart to the coast after lunch from the camp and we will arrive late in the evening.
  • Day 7, you will have a free time before going to the airport.
  • The cost of this trip will be €1500 Euros each with a minimum of two people.

It includes the hotel accommodation and up country accommodation, transport, seven boat trips during our fishing period.