The Gambia

The Gambia is a six hours flight from Europe. It is the gateway to African birding, a small country located where dry and humid zones meet in West Africa. Birds of these climate zones occur in The Gambia, as well as migrating species to or through West Africa. Africa is custodian to 2,229 bird species and The Gambia lists a total of around 550 species.

The Gambia, officially the Republic of The Gambia, is a country in West Africa that is entirely surrounded by Senegal except for its coastline on the Atlantic Ocean at its western end. It is the smallest country in mainland Africa.

The Gambia is situated on either side of the Gambia River, the nation’s namesake, which flows through the center of The Gambia and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Its area is 10,689 square kilometers (4,127 sq mi) with a population of 1,857,181 as of the April 2013 census. Banjul is the Gambian capital, and the largest cities are Serekunda and Brikama.

The Gambia’s economy is dominated by farming, fishing, and especially tourism.

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